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Parkstone Grammar School,  April 23  2022


After an absence of two years it was a great pleasure once again to take part in this popular show and judging by the high attendance, this feeling was shared by a large number of people too.

There were many displays of immaculately finished models of all types, trade stands selling various tools and materials and many with plastic kits of all makes and type. I managed to spend all the cash, and a bit more, that I had in my pocket on a few things I needed and had some good catch-up chats with various folks I had not seen for more than two years and who thankfully had survived the virus.

This year and for the first time in many years, I was the sole representative of the SWA.I had requested two tables, which I got, and which gave me ample space for my display, I even managed to get to the hall earlier than in former years so had plenty of time to relax, unload and arrange, and re arrange the layout. This year I focussed on my 1:72 scale ships which were destroyer—HMS Eskimo, frigate Amethyst and two minesweepers Stormcloud and Sharpshooter. Also I brought along a new hull, started just before Christmas, to show my approach to plank- on- frame construction related to warships. I always find the public to be particularly interested in this process and I got many questions.

During the course of the day there was much to admire on the other stands but being rather nautically biased, my attention was drawn to David McNair-Taylor’s large Uboat model, showing all its inner details on one side and the other looking like it was ready to be sailed. At the other end of the scale, and all on its own amongst a variety of beautifully finished aircraft models, was a small display case containing one of the recent Flyhawk ships—the cruiser HMS Aurora. I spent some time admiring this 1:700 scale model whose detail and finishing were an object lesson. I wished I had more up to date technology to take some photos of it--- but maybe I will be better equipped next year?

All too quickly the day was over, and the tedious process of packing up and avoiding collision with others all in a hurry to do the same,-- some had come from quite far afield. But as well as next year’s Poole show, on parting, I was pleased to receive an invite to a model show in Yeovil for later this year. More on this to follow in a future QDR

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