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Peter Revill       16th April 1939-16th January 2020.


Pete served in the Royal Navy as an artificer and joined as an apprentice in May 1955. He served in various ships and shore bases including the training ship HMS Bristol and he was on HMS Glamorgan as she was fitting out and was onboard for her first commission. He was in charge of the Seaslug launcher onboard. His Certificate of Service records that he is: “a man of high personal integrity whose dedication and initiative are exceptionally high…   an exceptional Chief Petty Officer.” And we all know that it is the CPOs who keep the navy running smoothly.

 After this he joined Sperry-Rand as a computer service technician and an expert on computer systems and continued to retirement when he had time for his hobby and so he made very good models of the ships in which he served. He joined the SWA and was a committee member for many years particularly as our Treasurer when we needed a steady, reliable person to get us out of debt and into a healthy financial state. He always did things in a proper and correct way- Navy fashion- and was completely trustworthy which is how he was also the treasurer of Brentwood Model Boat Club and the National Model Power Boat Association. Of course he knew his way perfectly around computer accounts. He was invited to travel to German model shows to represent  us at Sinsheim and other venues.

 His various models were very well made especially the machinery and drive systems and he was very proficient with lathe work. At shows such as LMEE and IMBS he showed other models such as HMS Envoy, HMS Warspite  and HMCS Agassiz (these two in build).

 He was always a welcoming and very knowledgeable person to talk with about his service in the Royal Navy and his valid points about the model warships and his forthright and clear-thinking approach made him a person to go to for advice. After Hilary Breeze’s untimely death he took over the job of Membership Secretary and was able to combine it with the Treasurer position. He is very greatly missed.

John Coster

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