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For the first time the SWA was at Black Park Model Boat Club for their open day and it is Jeff Carter's local club which led to our invitation. He was recovering from an operation so it was  Robin and Heather Lee and John Coster who took to the water for the association.

We assembled our gazebo, tables and tablecloths and showed KM Graf Spee, HMS Fox, PT 212 and HMS Brave Borderer. 

 The water is a large lake a short distance from the car park and the host club has free parking permits for attending members so with a cafe and toilets it was very comfortable. A  variety of home models were on show especially sailing vessels and in particular schooners which were able to have very good conditions  for long beats up and down the lake despite the surrounding trees and variety of waterfowl. 

 There is another Open Day in September so if any members wish to attend they should contact John Edwards as local representative.

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