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We Bounce Back at Bicton!

The weekend of Fathers’ Day saw Bicton Botanical Gardens host the Vintage and Steam Event and the Association was on the lake in full fleet order.  The large marquee, the embroidered tablecloths, the flag banners and full display on and off the water made the most extensive and impressive of any of the visiting clubs.

The members were delighted to be back on display and to have the model warships in strength to be sailed and admired. Dave and Anne Garnett hosted the show with HMS Sirius, F 40 and HMS Grenville, R97 and Robin and Heather Lee had HMS Nonsuch, D107 ex. Z38, PT 212 and KM Graf Spee. Steve Bullock had the heavyweight trio of HMS Cumberland F85, HMS Fearless L10 and HMS Tiger C20, Colin Watson had his HMS Scorpion, D64 and KM Z32 (Narvik Class), whilst Alan Hall had HMS Falmouth, F113 and a Falklands HMS Active F171 and set a record of one hour and ten minutes cruising on the lake. Keith Barnes had his large HMS Vanguard and John Edwards’ HMS Eskimo, F75 and HMS Amethyst, F116 of WW2.

Steve Bullock sailed our President’s HDML 1285 and James Reynolds’ 1/72 MTB 282 with three    motors made intrepid voyages across the wide water and this year stayed the course.

Finally John Coster sailed HMS Brave Borderer P1011. On Sunday Robin Davis brought his magnificent HMS Vanguard which took the place of Keith Barnes’ model as he went home on Saturday.

Robin has all lights, smoke, sound and moving armament and was much admired.

 We also had four of the RNLI lifeboats which have been re-engineered by Philip to be in very good working order and they were very popular with the children who tried radio control boats and made intrepid voyages across the sea, around the ornamental fountain and through the rainsqualls and all returned safely to be on rescue duty again and again.

 A very good show was enjoyed by all who attended with the restaurant, miniature railway, vintage cars, museum and wonderful horticultural gardens. All members are welcome to attend any of the SWA shows and please let the local representative/organiser know your intentions. The donations to the RNLI were put in the static lifeboat collection boxes and amounted to £76.21 which was sent in a cheque to their headquarters in Poole.

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